Friday, 15 August 2008

The dreadful first post....

As the title says, I dread this post. I am still not sure how this blog is going to shape up. This is my fist ever post in my first ever blog...My initial thought is this: share my passion in cigars, good food and alcohol with others. Now... how would I go about it? I am not sure... I love smoking cigars, I love eating and cooking, and love whisky, wine, rum (alcohol in general...).

My initial though is to start reviewing some of the above. I intent to post some recipes I like. I also like the science behind things, so I plan to talk about molecular gastronomy (or food science as I prefer it...) , possibly extended to cigars. For example, we report different flavours when smoking of cigar (coffee, chocolate, nuts etc...). Where do these come from? Regarding food, there are some amazing blogs on food science (check my blogs I read tag). I might try to simplify some of their findings, report my personal experiences.

Yeap... it does sound like a mess... But I hope it will a pleasant read, that at some point it will shape up to a cohesive blog (or not...). In the past I have been sharing some of my opinions in a few forums. But I find the unrestricted nature of blogging (compared to forum posting) quite liberating. I think...

Most of all, I hope to find people who share the same passions as I do, and are happy to discuss.

(how lame was that line...)

More, very very soon.

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